Hiding In Plain Sight: The Medium of Stillness

Hiding In Plain Sight: The Medium of Stillness

Why do some humans possess the magical ability to float through life effortlessly, laughing often, enjoying respect and trust, and creating rich relationships along the way? Not to mention the many byproducts of this quality like the unlimited potential for wealth and recognition?

That’s a question we’ve all asked at some time in our lives; even if only of ourselves. We cannot deny that those people do walk among us. And, after a lifetime of asking it myself, I’ve arrived at this inescapable fact: no one knows; it is a mystery still.

But, perhaps it is only a mystery in its ability to be communicated in language. What if it’s a mystery only because we asked, and there aren’t any words for the answer, not that there is no answer? But, words are where we keep looking.

We also must accept the fact that this question goes unanswered in so many of us right through to our end. In other words, it might not be answered for you also.

Since this answer is eluding the majority of us — perhaps even you, is it possible that we’re all just looking in the wrong place.

One of the first realizations that came to me in my own quest for completeness is that even the people who possess this quality have no idea what it is or whence it came. To them, it is just who they are; something else that cannot be communicated in language.

So, we must stop looking for it in writings like this one. It is only known when we stop striving to know.

Now you begin to see the irony and conflict of interest in a writer urging you to stop reading. But has all your reading gotten you where you want to go? The truth is you’ve had the answer all along, but it was hiding in plain sight. A place you were never taught to look.

That’s an oxymoronic and scary thought, isn’t it?

Something this seemingly elusive must be actively hiding from us; probably hiding in plain sight. In other words, hiding in the place we are least likely to look. As in: the very thing we believe is helping us find this answer is actually what is keeping us from it.

There is only one downside to this theory: that we can never receive the answer from another person. It can, will, and must come only from our own wisdom; the wisdom we each carry with us at all times. And, that is the one place we have so far failed to look.

What has kept you from this wisdom is not a lack of knowledge, only a slight misdirection in your way of seeing the question. You were misdirected by the influential adults in your childhood who had also been misdirected in theirs. Even as an adult you are continually being told that knowledge is the solution to all problems. You are misdirected to seek all answers in language, and language is a logical construct.

The first thing to realize is that wisdom is a different thing from knowledge. Wisdom and knowledge are as different as mathematics is from music. Music cannot be created from a calculation, and a beautiful song will never help you balance your checkbook. Mathematics is logic, music is a creation. When you grasp this distinction, you grasp the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

The misdirection in this question of completeness is that we have been taught to see it as a problem that demands a solution through new information; a logical construct. Your soul can never be subjected to the scrutiny of logic. Any attempt to solve the “problem of you” with logic, information, numbers (formulas and plans) and language causes your spirit to wither and die. And, a withering spirit is what ails you.

To stop this constant and fervent quest for enlightenment and “the answer” is to accept defeat, or so it seems to our logical brain. But logic is neither the problem nor the answer. Just where we were taught to look. We were taught to “win the game” of enlightenment. “Winning” is a universally acknowledged goal; enlightenment is a deeply and uniquely personal one.

So, if not language, in what medium can the answer be found? What is the deeply personal and unique “language” of enlightenment?

The medium of humanity; the medium of stillness. That’s all that can be said about it.

The only question that needs an answer is this: what causes you to be deeply still in your spirit, and to cease your quest for knowledge? I cannot, nor can anyone else, answer this question for you.

The answer is found only in the greatest possible personal experience of stillness that is shared by no one else in the universe. It is what makes you special and unique in all the world. It is found there and nowhere else. And, it is found only when you cease to look somewhere else.

Published by Dave Young