In-house (literally) voiceover studio

Private in-home studio purpose-built for voiceover recording.

Many of the samples in the homepage player were recorded right here.

I have over 30 years experience as a radio and television broadcaster, media writer/producer, broadcast commercial/feature producer, creative director, and independent voice talent. I have narrated 18 audiobooks in just the last 2 years, and a variety of long and short-form productions.

Since 1993 I have owned and maintained an independent voice-over/audio production studio providing talent and production services for a wide variety of media projects.

I majored in theater arts in college, and performed in the theater, on live radio and network television, and appeared in several feature films acting in supporting roles alongside Antonio Banderas, Sylvester Stalone, Julianne Moore, Marlon Wayans, and others.

My passion for captivating storytelling is evident in the work I have done as voice actor, writer, producer, creative director, and audio engineer on soundtracks for hundreds of media productions ranging from broadcast commercials to documentary film narrations. This background in professional media has contributed to my in-depth understanding of production standards, acoustical environments, and audio mastering practices, and my current devotion to performance and technical excellence; all of which is now possible in my own studio.

A full catalog of voice work and production samples is available on the homepage.

Current microphone selection:

Microtech Gefell M1030 (pictured) – outstanding detail, captures a bit of the room for added realism. Great for character voices and for scenes written for a natural environment.

Microtech Gefell MT71s – so far you know that I am a big fan of this brand. This is theirsmooth and slightly vintage-sounding model, yet it doesn’t give away anything in the way of detail and clarity. It is the perfect fit for period, dramatic, and romantic audiobook titles, as well as intimate commercial reads.

Neumann TLM 170r – think of your favorite characters from Pixar and Disney animation features, and the voice for those characters was probably captured on a Neumann TLM 170. It is the darling of the animation set because of its natural sound. This is the microphone to use whenever the goal is hearing the story and the characters, and not the equipment. This is the most transparent of all Neumann microphones.

These microphones are complimented by a Denon DN500R digital audio recorder, Earthworks 1021 pre-amp (the cleanest and most transparent microphone pre-amp in the world), and all are powered by a Furman P 1800 AR power conditioner to insure a pristine power supply and rock bottom noise floor.

The story is in the hearing. Among the samples presented on the homepage, the ones you will likely identify as having the very best audio quality will be those recorded in the studio pictured above; the same studio that will record your next project.