Welcome To Your New Life

The goal of all of life’s work is to die with no regrets. A thriving body is essential for this goal. Therefore, as a part of our role in accomplishing this goal, we must do everything possible to cause our bodies to thrive.

Experiencing a high degree of the quality we call health is your natural state. Therefore, if you lack any of the qualities of health, it is because something unnatural is going on. You don’t have any character-flaws, bad genes, or weaknesses that make you incapable of maintaining an extraordinary quality of life.

In modern times most people believe that they are unhealthy because they don’t know enough to maintain health. So they seek out the “experts” and read countless books and articles and talk to their friends. In the end, they wind up paralyzed by conflicting information. Sound familiar?

Living the awesome life you were meant to live—full of energy, vitality and, most important, the ability to interact fully with the world—isn’t a matter of luck or good genes.

After many years as a health, fitness and nutrition counselor it occurred to me that advice from the “experts” about what to do and what not to do to is not what people need most. The world is absolutely overrun with ‘how to’ manuals and expert advice on health and fitness, much of it contradictory. It’s no wonder so many of us have just given up even trying to figure it out.

What I have discovered is that the problem is exactly the opposite of not knowing enough: the problem is in fact that we know too much. The Internet Age is mostly the cause of our declining levels of health because we’re a society that substitutes knowledge for action. We have been led to believe that understanding is the same as doing. It is not.

The human body was designed for a specific environment. That is obviously the original one. There will never be an equally constructive substitute. Every failing of the human experience (the umbrella concept that lives somewhere above “health”) is due to a corruption of that environment. Trying to shoe-horn your body into a modern environment is always going to leave you with something less than your potential for experiencing life to its fullest.

You really need know nothing more than that. So stop the learning and start the application of your innate wisdom about health. I’ll guide you through that journey, but every step of the way will be solutions that you yourself will discover and adopt. I will never ask you to simply “trust me”, or tell you that you’re not smart or informed enough to figure this out.

I will ask you to put down the magazines and the books; stop learning things; stop thinking you need to learn things; even stop thinking you already know things. It is only when you transcend thinking that you will actually apply what has been there all along. Make it a way of life, not a thing you know. When you have so incorporated the knowledge into your life that you fail to even acknowledge that it is anything that you need to know.

Pursuing health is the highest form of prevention.

You will also be asked to challenge yourself regarding your reasons for wanting to be healthier. For some, “easier” is the priority. If you’re ready to settle for looking better and losing a little weight, there are plenty of people who can help you do that and I will happily refer you. However, I am convinced that the vast majority of people reading this sincerely want something more: to live an exceptional life in all ways and for the longest time possible. The greatest prize of all is never the easiest and most comfortable way of all.

One purpose of this site is to expose the practice of using the word “health” for profit by those who do not know what it is or how to achieve it in any way but a cosmetic one. I’m generally in favor of anything—product or practice—that will demonstrably improve health as defined and measured, as long as it is employed by people who are maximally supporting their health through natural means first. Otherwise, these measures are simply compensating factors; the propping up of a toxic lifestyle.

Living the awesome life you were meant to live—full of energy, vitality, and most important, the ability to interact fully with the world—isn’t a matter of luck or good genes. It starts by applying the simplest strategies that you already know. You’ll find examples of how this principle is applied to human health right on this site.

This is a message of health, but it’s also a message of life. From the moment you realize that your life is worth fighting for, you have an ally in that fight right here.