The Importance Of Importance

I’ve always had the notion that there was something inherently artificial about putting important dates in an appointment calendar, especially an electronic one that will reach out and slap me upside the head (figuratively speaking, of course) when an important date arrives. I have one of those calendars. In fact, I have several.

Everyone Knows How To Sing

There was a time in your life when you sang full-throated and loudly, with no self-consciousness or concern for whether you “knew how” or not. You may have only been 4 or 5, but it was still you. The only reason you now don’t sing, do it badly, or even think you can’t, is because someone in your past suggested to you that it was hard, rare, only for the talented, etc., and it caused you to think that you might not actually be up to the task. And you had never even thought that before.