When Health Is Who You Are

It is important for me to draw a clear line of distinction between what most know of as health, and what I’m describing in this material. Even though I still refer to it as health (I’m constantly on the hunt for a new word to attach to it), it is a completely different animal from the health that most of us are taught.

What you know of as health is likely a goal that must be struggled for, battled out, a distraction from your life, a thing you must learn, etc. In short, a chore, and even then, only temporary… leaving you immediately at the slightest sign of weakness. Does that about describe it?

This is the only health most of us know. That health is the result of body manipulation by way of specific kinds of workouts and quirky diets; it is temporary and incomplete. It is motivated by something fleeting, rather than something permanent. When the immediate need to pursue something specific is gone, so is the health. This is not the health of which I speak.

The health I’m talking about is none of those things, because it isn’t something you do…. it is something you are.

…a healthy, vibrant, and fully alive person is … everybody’s natural state. If you’re not experiencing that state now, it is only because something unnatural is going on in and around you.

When health is who you are, you come by it far more naturally, and it is a permanent part of your life. It is never a job that will eventually be over. You’ll find it when you finally quit looking for the quick fix or the least amount of inconvenience. That’s when it begins to become a part of who you are; when you don’t want it to ever end. When you don’t want to ever return to the way you used to live. That’s when it is who you are.

You live the life you have because it fits with your biological programming. You are hard-wired to like things the way they are. You may not like what it does to your health, but you definitely like the pattern and the vast majority of the elements of your life just the way they are. The problem is—and this is one of the conundrums of modern life—the artificial world we have created gives us opportunities to do the things we like, even if they compromise our health.

That doesn’t change the fact that a healthy, vibrant, and fully alive person is your natural state. Everybody’s natural state. If you’re not experiencing that state now, it is only because something unnatural is going on in and around you.

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who don’t seek out the couch and the easy way to live their lives. There are some people who are naturally inclined to be outdoors in the elements and being physically challenged in as many ways as possible. You can bet that somewhere along the line—most likely at a young and impressionable age—they were introduced to the magic that occurs to our bodies out in nature. But however it happened, the fact is that they are the ones who have assimilated innate health into who they are; not because of something they do. And whether it came to them from birth or not, it can still be learned and assimilated by anyone at any time in their life. Even a dedicated couch potato can become that person.

I want that for you and every person who reads this material. If this is a new concept for you, you might feel like it’s a long way from who you are at the moment. Don’t give up; it’s closer than you think. The first and best thing you can do toward that goal is to go outdoors. Spend one hour outdoors every single day. Find things to do there; the more useful the better. Build something, climb something, move something… you get the idea. You will be profoundly amazed at the difference this will make in your life. Even the life in your head.


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