The Health That You Create

Butterflies are free... so is health

Butterflies are free… so is health

Health is the physical manifestation of life. The larger issue of Life is Health plus things like creativity, love and other emotions, and language. The health component can be identified by isolating the experiences of life that give us a physical presence: vitality, breadth of function, and exhibition of mechanical power.

These qualities of health cannot exist without an expression of physical power – movement through space and interaction with the world. Therefore, our search for this thing called “health” must obviously ¬†focus on the things that support that interaction. Pursuing that to its highest level will also result in more of the only bigger prize there is: the totality of life itself. You begin to see how important it is that we are very clear on what we’re working for.

So, what is it that supports this presence? That is the entire focus of IH. When you learn to create exceptional levels of this presence, you have mastered self-created health.

I am of a firm belief that nobody needs to be shut out of this conversation. Until you can confidently and thoroughly answer the question “how do I achieve maximum presence?”, for all intents and purposes, you are shut out of the conversation. Some people actually shut themselves out of the conversation by refusing to accept the answer. That is a choice that all will eventually regret.

It is your right as a human to have access to all of the qualities of life that make it rich and rewarding, yet there are a lot of business entities in the world today dedicated to making you believe that health is far too mysterious and complicated for you to understand. They of course, offer to do that for you, and then conclude that you need what they’re selling. If you have found yourself at the mercy of doctors, scientific studies, and magazine articles in your goal to create and maintain your health, you have de facto been shut out and you have succumbed to the perils of the modern world.

The fact is that human health IS far too complicated and mysterious to understand, but understanding isn’t the goal – creation is. Everything you need to know to create elite levels of human health can and should be familiar to the average 10-year-old. And it is. I’ve tried it, and it works.

My only goal is to give you back control of your body.


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