<script type=”text/javascript”> //<![CDATA[
<!–Enter your account ID.You can find this under the Menu item: Help | About–>
var ACCOUNT_ID = ‘ddc9aa16-2325-41f1-9d6a-d38bcfffd677’;
<!–Enter the title of this page.Clicks will appear in your Zamtistics–>
var PAGE_NAME = ‘Demos page for Dave Young’;
<!–NOTE: value can be either ‘inline’ OR ‘popup’–>
var RENDER_MODE = ‘inline’;
<!–Enter a Demo ID for the default demo to display when the player launches–>
<!–NOTE: Demo IDs can be found in the Showcase by clicking the –>
<!–gear icon for a specific Demo–>
var DEFAULT_DEMO = null ; <!– Use Account Default ; –>
<!–Handle AutoPlay On PageLoad–>
var AUTO_PLAY = false;
<!–Option to show contacts button in player–>
var SHOW_CONTACTS = true;
jQuery(‘body’).on(‘mousedown’, ‘.listendemo’, function () {
var id = parseInt(jQuery(this).attr(“id”).replace(‘vzbutton_’, ”));
listenDemoHref(id, true, this)
// ]]></script>

<script src=”//www.voicezam.com/clientScripts/WebLinking2.aspx”></script>
<div id=”voiceDemos”></div>