Pillars Of Life

The Pillars are the primary categories of experience that contribute to your Quality Of Life, for better or worse.

In other words, the Pillars Of Life have the ability to either enhance or degrade your experience, depending only on how fully aware you are of their current state. Think of it as a 6-legged stool supporting your life. Having all 6 legs of equal length makes for the strongest support possible. And so it is with the Quality Of Life.

Here’s the interesting and unexpected part: in keeping with the principle of innate wisdom, you already know as much about each of these as you need to for them to contribute fully to your Quality Of Life. The descriptions provided are simply reminders and not groundbreaking new information.

If you’re not yet realizing the life that you dream of for yourself, it is because you have adopted a strategy that disallows your full awareness of one or more of these areas of life. That strategy is a basic misunderstanding about how life works, and we’re going to focus on that throughout these teachings because, in the end, that is the only real issue we have to deal with.

…there is no formula for how you address them, just that you do, and in a way that is neither neglectful nor obsessive.

If you scan your life choices you’ll notice that, as you go through your days, you likely address all of the following at various times, but you may not have named them or taken the time to define the role that each plays; that’s what I’ll try to do here. In spite of that, please recognize that there is no formula for how you address them, just that you do, and in a way that is neither neglectful nor obsessive. The only goal is that they all firmly in your awareness and will ultimately contribute to your Quality Of Life. You’ll know if that’s happening or not.

  • The authentic you. The energy that lives apart from thought and physical presence.
  • The tool we are given for determining absolute values in the physical realm (absolutes have no value in the spiritual realm). Most of us misuse our minds to interpret the world around us—which is something we do constantly, and then we believe the interpretation, and to manufacture a false version of “you” in the misguided notion that the authentic you is somehow flawed.
  • Our physical presence in the world, and one of the most abused concepts in the human experience. Your Quality Of Life will be well-served if you consider health to be one thing and one thing only: how near or far you are from a predictable death. And the only measurement you’ll ever need to determine that is the breadth AND depth of your functional capacity in the natural world. Everything you need to know about a predictable death can be determined by measuring this capacity. If capacity is low, a predictable death is nearer; if capacity is high, death becomes less imminent in inverse proportion. The implications and the practical application of this will be discussed fully elsewhere. Important point: this is NOT the common interpretation; in fact, you will likely not hear this anywhere else, but there is no other interpretation of the concept of health that will serve your Quality Of Life as this one will. One other thing I will say about health: it is an automatic byproduct of life in a natural environment. However, since few of us will ever have access to that environment ever again, we will have to supplement our creation process with some, but not much, understanding.
  • The real news here is in what wealth is NOT. Wealth is not happiness, security, respect, survival, safety, success, or Quality Of Life; though it is often bestowed with those qualities by those with a misunderstanding of how life works. Wealth is a tool for speeding up the process of getting what you need to bring about changes in your life. Not having it is not the end of anything, but having enough of it to expedite those changes is a good thing. If everything you wanted in life was found in the building of a house, wealth would be a hammer.
  • Your environment is the quality of your physical surroundings the majority of the time. This quality is measured by its consistency with the natural world; the  original design that existed prior to 6,500 BC. That is a mostly arbitrary date chosen because the impact on the earth’s original design by its human population at that point was negligible. This item is listed as a Pillar For Life for one simple reason: the quality of the human experience goes up with the quality of your physical surroundings. That is axiomatic and will never change.
  • These are the people in your life with whom you commune on the deepest level regularly. The deepest level refers to shared intimacies of experience and longings. Just as with the environment above, the contribution of relationships to a person’s Quality Of Life is axiomatic. These relationships require both a physical and a spiritual presence.

As you make conscious choices regarding each of the above, all of the guidance you need to nurture your Quality Of Life is found in the following principles:

Innate Wisdom | You Have What You Need
  • By age 12 we all know how to create a high quality of life for ourselves. Only hostile and menacing influences will separate us from that, but we all encounter those influences in the course of growing up, even if only perceptually. We can re-awaken the innate wisdom simply by slowly eliminating our slavish over-reliance on information and outside influence.
A Pure Environment | Nature Waits To Support You
  • Nature embraces us both physically and spiritually in more ways than science will ever be able to explain. There is an undeniable connection between our exposure to nature, in as pure a form as we can find, and our Quality Of Life. The closer we can be to a pure environment, and the more we interact with it fully, the less we have to know about creating Quality Of Life. Knowing less about the process is a major goal of successfully creating an exceptional Quality Of Life. If that doesn’t make sense to you, it is because you are listening with your brain instead of your heart.
Living A Pre-Agriculture Lifestyle | All lifestyle standards are taken from the human experience of approx 8500 years ago
  • Once again, this principle, while appearing to address matters in the physical  realm only, is actually just as beneficial to the spirit. Remember, when it comes to Quality Of Life, nothing thrives in isolation. Human life thrived in a pre-agriculture environment like no time since. Before making any lifestyle choice (which is something you do about every 10 minutes of every day), whether it is diet, activity, or general cues about how to best spend your time, the guiding principle is this: if humans did it 10,000 years ago, do it now; if they didn’t or couldn’t do it 10,000 years ago, don’t do it now. You’ll never know how powerful that principle is until you fully embrace it. Every area of your life will improve by getting closer to this.
Enough | More Is Not Better
  • When  it comes to a thriving life, a bit of long-lost wisdom is that more is not better. We live in an age when it is almost universally accepted that more is better. One very important reason that human QOL is declining. More knowledge, more time, more effort; none of those actually contributes to your QOL, yet we act as though they do. The “more is better” tendency is a classic symptom of ‘brain dominance’. Here’s the truth about more: “more” is what you do to impress other people, not to improve the quality of your life. Bigger news: “more” is actually harmful to your experience. In this Internet age, “too much” is a far bigger danger than “not enough”. Success requires less attention than you think, and it is never furthered by the accumulation of information.The accumulation of information is one of the “obsessive” forms of addressing the Pillars. What is enough? This will be self-regulating when you are committed to addressing all of the Pillars because there simply will not be enough time or resources available to over-indulge in any one of them. But, another reasonable guideline: “enough” is about the level that an average 10-year-old can comprehend and practice.

Clearly what I’ve spelled out above is very foreign to most, and there are volumes left to say about each, but for now accept these as guiding principles and a lofty standard to which you can aspire. It is also crucial that you don’t fixate on how demanding and unsettling (some would say completely unreasonable) these principles are. For now just know that you will fall short of perfect implementation, and that is expected. In that, realize that your life has been made better just by knowing that this is the ultimate plan. Just having a standard where there once was none is a new and powerful tool you have in the quest for Quality Of Life.