On Your Way To….

Have you noticed? The national conversation on health isn’t about health at all, it’s about whatever health benefits one may accidentally encounter only as they occur on the way to other pursuits, like losing weight…or sports performance…or pumping up your muscles…or medical procedures…or running farther…or looking good…or any of several other non-health subjects.

Go to any web site that aggregates health news, or simply search “health” on Google, and the predominant theme that pops up is weight loss rather than health.

For some perspective, health can accurately be defined as how near or far you are from a predictable death. In other words, you doing the things that cause your body to thrive. Sounds much more important to me.

When did the health conversation come to be about being on a path to other things, rather than being on a path to health?

The answer is in the common thread among the ‘other things’: they are all very public pursuits that elicit praise and adoration from others. By contrast, health is a mostly solitary affair. Very not sexy. Too bad that it’s also really important to how close you are to a predictable death. The qualities of health are like principles: they’re only created by you, and only you will even know you have them.

How about you? Ready to get serious about the real deal? What ever else you choose to pursue, this should come first.


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