New Blog Address

I know that many of you follow this blog through RSS or email, but I would also like you to know that the website from which it originates has changed. As you learned in the previous post, the blog now has an official name, Sage Street, and that change made it reasonable to locate it on a site that reflected that name. So, the blog can forever more be found at “”.

One of the reasons for this change is the upcoming development of training materials that will provide comprehensive and practical approach to Quality Of Life that I talk about extensively here. Please watch for this change and I hope you will join me as we organize this admittedly large and important material.

Let me just take a moment to remind everyone about the solutions we will be presenting in this new coaching material:

  • The one simple truth that allows you to instantly distinguish a life-enhancing strategy from sham advice
  • Why your potential for making money goes up after age 60
  •  Why society gives up on people over 50, and what it means for you
  • Why doctors are not a source of health, and what is
  • The real meaning behind trying to cover up your cosmetic flaws
  • The flawed thinking that has you looking forward to retirement
  • The real reason you’re not as active as you once were, and how to fix it
  • …. so much more

The other reason for this change is that the author (that’s me) has some other projects and resources that would be more suitable under the domain.

Otherwise the movement marches on, and you’ll be the first to know of any future developments. Thanks, as always, for paying attention to your life and this material. The world is a better place for it. More details coming soon.


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