The Inescapable Truth

If I had to bottom-line all of this for you, here it is:

In the end of our search for health as evidenced by a maximum experience of life, we discover that this isn’t about our lifestyle or other choices, it is about the environment. Without a natural environment we can do well, but relative to ‘gold-standard’ values we’re doomed to ill health, disease, and, ultimately, extinction. We will also have no standard upon which to assess our current state. With a natural environment, we won’t even need to think about our health. As it was before agriculture, human health and a maximum experience of life is automatic and guaranteed by a natural environment.

In the beginning, we realize that human health and vibrancy is our natural state, not something we manipulate our bodies into. If we fail to experience all of the qualities of that natural state, it is only because we have introduced something unnatural into our lives. In modern times, our search for health must begin my removing all of, and only, the unnatural elements of our lives; our choices and the environment.

Until we can all exist in a natural environment, the best we can hope for is that we’re just propping ourselves up against the ravages of an artificial and polluted world.

What we’re left with today is to simply work backwards from there; first identifying all of the ways that your environment is killing you. Second, eliminating what you can—and what you have the will to. That’s it.


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