No Humans Allowed

nohumansIf you’ve read the Bio-axiomatic “Rules Of Food”, you’ll recall that Rule #1 is, “Know where your food came from.” This is a complicated matter that involves more than just geography, but is also designed to reveal the path that the food must travel between its place of origin and your mouth. Once the path is identified it’s much easier to also know who has had their hands on your food along the way. That is a crucial bit of information, which is why it is #1. Here’s why:

Obesity and other evidence of malnutrition are symptoms of corruption of the environment; specifically, in the food supply. Corruption always originates with a person, never with nature. Nature is always pure to its purpose. And we know that nature’s purpose is to support life in its highest form.

This lends further credence to the advice to seek nutrition that has been handled by the fewest number of people possible. With every person comes the opportunity for corruption. The ultimate example of this is home-grown fruits and vegetables, and pastured animals that have been nurtured to the highest state of health by those who cared about the animals quality of life more than the fact that it would eventually become any body’s meal.

Another place this shows up is in food-related advice as it pertains to health. All advice comes from a person, and it is always an opening for corruption. Unless that person is telling you to look to nature’s cues, they are asking you to trust them instead. You think you’re trusting what they say, but you have no personally-derived (trustworthy) data from which to judge, so ultimately this is just about trusting the person. Since people are the only source of corruption in any health-related matter, they are automatically suspect and to be avoided. When it comes to food, opportunities to avoid human intervention are getting fewer and fewer.

This is why GMO food sources are so tragic. Genetically modifying food from its original form at the genetic level is to remove the last possible opportunity for an individual to avoid the human element from the food chain and create a trustworthy path of ultimate nutrition. Whatever the creators of the particular genetic modification of the food tells you, you are forced to trust them—rather than a non-human (a.k.a., foolproof) element in the creation of your food.

I have spent far too much time conjuring all of the potential and specific corruptions that could result from this, but why bother speculating about that. If you just simply respect the potential for corruption from human intervention, and care at all about the purity of your food sources, you’ll have all you need to benefit from this knowledge in every real way.


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