Health Or Longevity

Health and longevity are the same thing; what determines what you call it is when in life it occurs to you.

I always marvel a little at someone who claims to specialize in longevity; wondering to myself how they consider themselves different from someone who specializes in health. Yet it is significant that the strategies they recommend are very different from strategies that are presented by health experts. Which only proves that one of them is more clear than the other on what the goal of their strategies is. Frankly, if you have a choice, I’d recommend the longevity specialist.

When you’re young, it’s called health; when you’re older, it’s called longevity. Yet there is no difference in the strategies that produce both. In fact, as you know from the definition of health, it is in fact the measure of how near or far you are from a predictable death. Everything in this material is designed to produce the highest levels of health, which translates instantly into longevity.

So, here’s what we know: if you are moving through the world under your own power, it is conclusive evidence that you are not dead. And the more you can move through the world (in degree and volume), the further you are from dead. Which one did I just describe, health or longevity? Trick question.

The earlier you recognize that and start treating your health as longevity, the better it works for that goal.


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