Dissecting Life

Inside the world of axiomatic health, there is no need for the concepts of fitness, diet, exercise, weight loss, health clubs, personal trainers, and/or pills of any kind. There is an entire world of life-nurturing opportunities that must be acknowledged and addressed before one minute of your time or one cent of your money is spent on any of those things. Otherwise your are simply using those things as compensating factors or antidotes for your toxic life. And that is nothing more than treading water.

the-conversationWhat happens before any of those other things make sense is to detoxify your life through a complete overhaul of your thinking and your environment.

Environment is something we can all control, if we have the discipline to not simply take the easiest road; the one full of modern conveniences, comforts, and distractions.

One of the first signs of a toxic life is when we attempt to address the subject of quality-of-life by breaking it down into its individual little parts (e.g., fitness, diet, exercise, weight loss, health clubs, personal trainers, pills, etc.) so we can pick and choose the one we want to take on first, or ever. This approach never produces much in the way of actual quality-of-life. Mostly, we never get beyond our first choice; if we even fully address that one. Say, for example, we choose diet as the thing we’re going to change about our lifestyle. Even if we were fabulously successful at that one, we’d be inclined to call it good and never move on to any of the others. Or, if that one failed to live up to its promise (whether because we didn’t address it well, or we expected too much from that one little piece) we may be tempted to give up on the effort and consider ourself a lost cause. Yet maybe you were ambitious enough to take one more than one, while still treating them as separate and distinct concepts and failing to realize how closely connected and, therefore, dependent upon each other, they are. This approach—no matter how rare and ambitious—may still yield less than stellar results.

Did you ever wonder why no one has ever taken a living human body completely apart (which would, of course, kill it) with the intent to then put it back together and restore life to it? Because it can’t be done. At least not by us, not now. This concept is very much like that. But that is what we try to do every day with that very same body and our quality-of-life.

To deal with the parts of our life individually is folly. All of those parts are inextricably connected and effected by each other.

This is the quandary that I was in while working in the fitness field: everyday I encountered truly sincere people who came into my gym wanting to get or stay active and capable, yet they were sabotaging their lives in several other ways at the same time; effectively negating whatever efforts they were making in the gym. And this has been the paradigm for many decades now. An entire industry has been built on supporting the notion of allowing you to believe that, if you just hit the gym a few times a week, the result would be health. Never has been true; and it never will be. You can’t address the totality of life with just one little piece of it. That same industry will give lip service to the other contributors to your life’s quality, but they have never figured out a way to make money at it so it goes largely un-addressed in any significant way.

All of those pieces and parts of your life are now considered to be one much larger concept, and its name is Life. Your goal is actually life to its fullest. Life that is not only about what you can do, but also about what you want to do. This is your fantastic life. You get there by realizing the enormity of the job, and saying yest to your responsibility to do what that takes. The rewards are something very rare indeed, and completely priceless.

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