Climate Change, Obesity, & Diabetes

Climate change (more accurately, the destruction of earth’s atmosphere), obesity, and type 2 diabetes have something very powerful in common. Know what it is? Take a serious guess before you read on.

The answer is:

None of them need a “cure”, and none of them need to be fought (as in, “fighting obesity”).

The truth is, people create each of these serious threats to human health with their actions, and we can eliminate each of them simply by demonstrating a little self-control over those actions. In other words, all of these can be eliminated when we just stop doing what causes them. But how boring is that.

Humans love to be victims, and they love a good fight. That’s why sports are so popular. And engaging in battle sounds so much more noble than ending the virtual frat-party lack of self-control over our behaviors that created each of these serious conditions in the first place.

But hey, where is the sport in that? If we all just stopped being destructive to the planet and our bodies, who is there to root for? Where’s the storyline and the drama? And where are the sides for us to choose up?

It almost sounds like we really don’t want to rid the world of any of those issues, doesn’t it? Not having climate change, obesity, and diabetes to fight would be a little like not having football or Nascar. Unthinkable. Or, is it?


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