Of Motorcycles And Food

You will eventually learn that I am passionate about a few things other than health. One of them is motorcycles. Specifically, riding long distances on them. By myself. The combination of solitude, vulnerability, and adventure from this activity is something hard to duplicate and particularly intoxicating to me. Add some fine machinery into the mix and it’s a package that I can’t resist.

I have recently returned from a few days on the road traveling the northwest with some new thoughts ...

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How Much Is Too Little

Here is the text of Dave’s commentary from the CrossFit Radio show on 4/18/2009:

“I have learned many things as a CrossFit coach, among them that teaching people what they cannot do is far more powerful than teaching them what they can do. Put another way, people need to fail to grow.

There is a correlary in diet. Whether we are schooled in Zone or Paleo or some combination of the 2, we tend to fixate on our recommended units of food, ...

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Answers from Dr. Sears

I was recently sent this brief Q & A with Barry Sears. I might quibble about the pasta and grain references, but the concepts here are sound. Thought you might enjoy hearing it from someone besides me for once.

Diet Myths Debunked by Dr. Sears

Dr. Barry Sears was recently asked several “True of False” questions from a well known diet blog. His replies are below.

If you eat food after 8 p.m., it will turn to fat.

FALSE: If you eat too many ...

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