8 Beliefs You Need To Give Up To Be Healthier

Here is a great “beliefs pledge” that would be the perfect place to start for anyone wanting to distance themselves from a predictable death.

Please repeat after me:

“If I intend to be healthier, I acknowledge my need to surrender the following:

  1. My belief that the way someone looks is a reliable indication of their health (including myself)
  2. My belief that any valuable information can be found on the readout of my bathroom scale
  3. My belief that I need to be a champion, or even respectably good, at any sport
  4. My belief that I can limit my exercise to only those things that I like to do
  5. My belief that I should never be in a cold environment
  6. My belief that I can eat the things that I like if I limit my portions
  7. My belief that that I need that job even though it pins me to my desk for long periods of time
  8. My belief that I can do just fine living alone, or that I need a lot of alone time indoors (have all the alone time you want in an outdoor environment)”

Just to be clear, all of the above are not just making it harder to become healthier, they are actually destructive to the health you’ve got (yes, even #2 & #3).


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