The Health That You Create

Health is the physical manifestation of life. The larger issue of Life is Health plus things like creativity, love and other emotions, and language. The health component can be identified by isolating the experiences of life that give us a physical presence: vitality, breadth of function, and exhibition of mechanical power.

These qualities of health cannot exist without an expression of physical power – movement through space and interaction with the world. Therefore, our search for this thing called “health” must ...

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Ethical Agendas Invade Health

Headline: “Vegans decrease their risk of heart disease by 32%” (please read the article)

What did you hear when faced with this report?

Did you interpret this as: people who don’t eat meat are healthier? That is what the writer wanted you to believe, but that is not what the study says.

That there is such a thing as correlation is the reason what you heard is false.

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Smooth, Level, And Hard

The title of this post refers to the type of environment that some people seek out to engage in their exercise.

Here’s what that looks like:

I live on a hill on the edge of town in a housing development that many other suburbanites call home. Those who live here are blessed with several mountain trail-heads nearby that lead to miles of beautiful and challenging natural trails. Yet, every day I see several of the residents (some with dogs) get in their ...

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