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The Fountain Of You

When the intellect wants a plan, a scientific study, a foolproof system, or “10 Steps To Success”, the spirit reminds us that these things miss the point of being human. Your spirit doesn’t care about your plan, it cares about what you are feeling. Right now.
A fulfilled life eludes us when we opt to place our trust in intellect over experience. This shows up as endless debate and dueling theories about how life should work, rather than a deep respect for our own actual experience of it. Meanwhile, life goes on unlived. You can step away any time you choose.
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  • Who Wants To Thrive?
    If thriving is what you want and expect for your life, it’s there for the choosing. If it does not describe your current state, you have chosen that also. No scientific studies or leading expert opinion required. Just choosing, love and attention, and a pure environment. Can you even remember why that’s a great idea?

  • Competition OR Fun
    Whatever purpose it may fulfill, we have clearly conferred upon competitive pursuits a degree of virtue that they don’t deserve. The reality is being competitive is not a particularly endearing trait. When embraced too tightly, the world—and everyone not in your close circle (team?)—becomes an enemy. For these reasons and more, competitiveness ought to be tolerated at best, and celebrated never. To view your life as a zero-sum win-lose proposition is not a fun way to live.

  • Misunderstanding Experience
    Such is the case with words about how a human experiences the world and their life. I encounter many people who have never used the words we use for those messages. They are likely to fall back on more simplistic meanings of the words rather than the intended message.