Living A Life Fulfilled

Dave Speaker


def.: wisdom and judgment born primarily of experience.

Second Half Greatness: the movement has begun.

The mission here is to—quite simply—make the next half of your life the best half… by a wide margin. There are solid reasons why this is uniquely possible; not in spite of, but because of, your age. It starts with a fresh appreciation for the wisdom that comes from experience. The transition to an appreciation of experience over understanding is a new opportunity. It’s time to find out who you really are and what you were meant to do. The real success is still ahead.

Most Recent Posts-

  • Is Life A Competition?
    It’s like taking candy from a baby, as long as the babies never question the assertion that winning a competition will make them a better person or provide them a better quality of life. That’s precisely why the prevailing subtext in advertising is about “winning the game” of money, status, sex… you name it.

    Hockey Fights

  • I’m A Terrible Blogger
    To be honest, I have been accused in the past of believing that I got paid by-the-word. I’m certainly not conscious of that inclination, but the evidence is clear: the end result of my blog writing is horrifically longer than the typical blog post.