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When the intellect wants a plan, a scientific study, a foolproof system, or “10 Steps To Success”, the spirit reminds us that these things miss the point of being human. Your spirit doesn’t care about your plan, it cares about what you are feeling. Right now.
A fulfilled life eludes us when we opt to place our trust in intellect over experience. This shows up as endless debate and dueling theories about how life should work, rather than a deep respect for our own actual experience of it. Meanwhile, life goes on unlived. You can step away any time you choose.
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  • The Importance Of Importance
    So, what of those events that we are likely to forget if they don’t get entered into a calendar? What significance does that hold? It is likely that is meant to tell us something about who we are too, rather than the importance of the event: a valuable and honest message about our purpose and true mission in the world might be found in how little we can actually commit to a calendar.


  • Is Life A Competition?
    It’s like taking candy from a baby, as long as the babies never question the assertion that winning a competition will make them a better person or provide them a better quality of life. That’s precisely why the prevailing subtext in advertising is about “winning the game” of money, status, sex… you name it.

    Hockey Fights

  • I’m A Terrible Blogger
    To be honest, I have been accused in the past of believing that I got paid by-the-word. I’m certainly not conscious of that inclination, but the evidence is clear: the end result of my blog writing is horrifically longer than the typical blog post.